These are our currently active projects, fully funded and bootstrapped by us, and ranging from digital design to real estate development.


Create remarkable designs in record time

Artify is an easy to use web-based design editor packed with a huge library of design assets.


Freebies and premium deals

A growing repository with 980 Collections & 11695 resources for web ninjas updated & curated every day, so it never expires.


We make icons

Iconshock started out small - 2 million icons later, it's simply the largest collection of vector icons available anywhere.


Check typefaces and font pairings with this interactive tool

Feel free to try several typefaces in real designs, just select the font or combination you want to try and see the magic!


Tons of graphic elements

Templateshock is a massive collection of branding print templates to set your business & brand aside from the competition.


WordPress theme generator

Create WP themes faster than you can say "wtf" with our WP Theme Generator - the most intuitive & easy to navigate website builder you'll ever use.


An interactive free SVG icons pack

Gradientify is a free, interactive SVG icons pack, customizable with a simple yet powerful gradient editor.


Create widgets for your website

Create beautiful website widgets for your next product launch new feature announcements adding sticky elements or special fields.


Live with quality in Bogota

Your dream flat is within your reach with Niloflats - luxury apartments, great location in Bogotá with plenty of room for you, your memes & your family (in that order)


Bogotá, Colombia

Unusual Minds